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Social Media Agency For Small Businesses

Why Use A Social Media Agency for Small Businesses?

Social media is something that all businesses need to start using if they’re not already. And a social media agency for small businesses in Milton Keynes is something that even those businesses that are confident in their social media skills should consider. Here are the reasons why.

Free Up Your Time

How many hours a week (or maybe even a day) do you send working on your business’s social media pages? However many it is, that time is time that you’re not working on other aspects of growing your business. You’re not answering phone calls or emails from prospective parents, you’re not attending appointments, you’re not looking into how other forms of advertising might help you, you’re not making a budget or writing a business plan…

If you could free up more of your time, and do so in a way that not only meant you could leave your social media marketing in the hands of experts, but still have ultimate control over the final product, would you? Of course you would – that’s why you need us to help you.

No Need For Staff

There may well come a time when you need to make your first hire, but if you aren’t quite ready for that in terms of being able to pay a full time (or even part time) employee, or you’d rather shy away from that idea altogether and keep it just you, what are you going to be with your social media? Should you hire someone to keep on top of that aspect of things, in the hopes that it will grow your business to a point where you can pay them?

No. You don’t need to go to the time and expense of hiring someone to deal with your social media. For some businesses, this is not a full time position, and you’ll end up paying someone for doing nothing. It’s far more cost effective to engage a social media agency for small businesses so that you can use them on an ad hoc basis, only paying for exactly what you need to pay for.

Get Noticed

Using a social media agency that understands not only how to promote a business on social media, but also how small businesses function in the first place means that your posts, blogs, images, videos, or whatever other content is being put on social media is sure to get noticed. When you are noticed on social media, your business will start to grow, you’ll make more money, and there will be success all round.



Kev Sparks | Founder - Big Voice Ltd

Hi, my name is Kev and I’m the owner of Big Voice, thanks for checking us out.

Big Voice is a Facebook Ads and Social Media agency that is driven to help business owners and entrepreneurs achieve their own business goals through the power of both Facebook and Instagram Ads and Social Media Marketing.

We’re not a huge, big name agency and we’re cool with that!

We are however massively dedicated to continually helping business owners and entrepreneurs get more relevant leads, grow their social media channels and build engaged audiences so as they can in turn help their own clients no matter what product, service or offer they are providing.

If you’re a business owner looking for high quality leads and greater exposure from Facebook and Instagram advertising and social media marketing, then you’re in the right place.

You can book a call with us by clicking the button below. We look forward to talking.



Big Voice - Facebook Ads & Social Media Marketing Milton Keynes

Big Voice Ltd is a Social Media Agency that helps small businesses, SMEs and other local companies with social media marketing and Facebook Advertising.


Our Social Media Marketing Includes Profile Optimisation, Creating & Curating Relevant & Branded Content, Scheduling Daily Posts to all channels (FB, IG, TW, LI & GMB), Researching The Best Hashtags For Your Business, Growing Your Social Likes & Followers + Organic Engagement on Relevant Channels


Our Facebook and Instagram Ads Services Includes Persona & Client Profiling, Pixel Tracking, Ad Content Creation, Ad Copy Writing, Audience Profiling & Targeting, Testing, Custom Reporting, Funnel Building, Optimisation & Full Campaign Management


We also support clients with Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) services, Web Development and Google Ads


We pride ourselves on giving value first and always maintaining integrity.

Our core aim is to help your business grow its awareness, trust and revenue within your target market and audience.

Anything less than that is just fluff 🙂

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